• General Civil Litigation

  • Yeyul provides advice to and counsels the client in order to assist the client in properly responding to civil disputes for client’s rights, building a friendly relationship with the client from the early stage before a lawsuit is commenced. Furthermore, seasoned attorneys with extensive experience in litigation and young and passionate attorneys with specialized knowledge provide integrated legal services with respect to every legal issue. Yeyul has demonstrated its remarkable ability in resolving disputes, completely reflecting client’s best interests, based on the knowledge of each area of expertise and practical skills and earnest attitude in litigating the cases.
  • Family Litigation

  • Yeyul has been marketing good efforts to solve family related issues in various amicable ways. Yeyul closely consults and discusses with clients so that the clients can make the best legal choice out of their individual circumstances such as divorce, inheritance, and division of property, etc.
  • Real Estate

  • Korea’s dynamic real estate market has ensured that real estate is no longer viewed as merely an operational asset, but an attractive investment in its own right, as well as an integral tool for meeting the financing needs of
    a business. Accordingly, real estate transactions increasingly demand sophisticated legal advice that is capable of identifying potential legal issues and concerns well before the commencement of a project and that provides creative solutions for minimizing risks and costs to clients.Yeyul assist clients involved in property transactions from initial acquisition and development, through leasing, joint ventures and financing, to final exit.
  • Compensation

  • Situations where an individual or a corporation must provide compensation regardless of whether an action was intentional or accidental are becoming more prevalent. For corporations, the importance of social responsibility is at the forefront of public concerns. At Yeyul, our team provides comprehensive advice to deal with such issues effectively and efficiently.